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A city Hotel with a very special history

Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam is not only a stone's throw away from Amsterdam Central (just jump on tram 26 - the stop is right behind the Hotel), but this mega stylish Hotel with a lovely restaurant and huge terrace, has the most amazing history.

We visited the Hotel for a family staycation, which included an overnight stay with breakfast and dinner, the Hotel-own kids book “Welcome to the Lloyd Hotel” and a scavenger hunt through the building where we learned all about the history.


Opened in 1921 by the Royal Dutch Lloyd as a hotel for emigrants to South America, it was designed to house 900 people at a time. The ground floor, with its high ceilings, housed a dining room that could seat 350 guests and there were separate dormitories for men and women.

When the Royal Dutch Lloyd went bankrupt in 1935, the city of Amsterdam became the owner of the building. In 1939 it was used as a refugee camp for Jewish people. During World War II, from the February Strike of 1941 onwards, the Germans used the Lloyd Hotel as a detention centre.

After the war the building continued to be used as a prison. Among the first inmates were the Dutch collaborators with the occupiers. Later it served as a prison for young offenders. Even though the prison closed its doors for the last time in 1989 you can still see traces of it. However the atmosphere changed when from 1990 it functioned as a place for artists to live and work.

The hotel reopened in 2004, has a unique position in addition to a unique history within the hotel world. Besides its role as a hotel, Lloyd Hotel is a place that is open to cultural events and collaborations. This is expressed through the unique designed rooms,

Now Lloyd Hotel is the first 1-to-5 star hotel in the world that means a wonderful varied clientele - from backpackers to business travelers (and even locals just like us). It is filled with unique rooms all in iconic styles, literally every room different from the other. The hotel has collaborations with major festivals such as Holland Festival and various dance, literature, art and music events. A truly artistic place!


We had a lovely room on the fifth floor with a view over the river IJ. The dinner was amazing, with locally sourced products and the most delicious pasta for the kids (they were nicely in the extra beds provided by the Hotel when we enjoyed our 3-course dinner). The breakfast was great and we could even have taken it on our room but preferred the lovely restaurant.

Other specials at the Hotel include a film deal with movie streaming in the room and midweek special prices. The ideal spot for your trip to Amsterdam!

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