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Living room update

I greatly admire all those that manage to have a beige/creme living rooms - especially with kids - it’s so elegant and chic.. But for me that’s not feasible. Not only because of the kids and the mess they make - thankfully you hardly see stains on our sofa - but also because I admire a pop of colour way too much!

Flowers, cushions, vases, lamps - everything is colourful at ours - now we also have a bold rug from which is so cozy especially for the winter as our wooden floor tends to be quite cold. It’s from the newest collection and 100% wool tuft. The geometric blocks are inspired by the Art Deco era.


To balance this parade of colours, I aim for simple, classic & modern furniture like our new Hinge side table from Puik. Designed by Lex Pott, it just shouts: the beauty lies in simplicity! Yes it does! Two interlocking metal plates connected by a rod - the traditional hinge -served as a starting point for the design.

It’s comes in three different sizes and various colours to fit any purpose and colourscheme. The Posters from Paper Collective are from different artists but as they are in the same style they still fit together like a glove. I always use the oak frames from Paper Collective as one side of the acrylic limits reflection.


Some info on the colour accents of this styling: the lovely ceramic bottle vases are from Foekje Fleur, the Little Darling lamp in blue green with the leather accent is from Swedish Ninja and the cushions are from Mademoiselle Camille.

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