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The french way of life

Before Corona my husband and I went to Paris every year for our wedding anniversary - we just jumped on the train, I normally packed some red wine, baguette and cheese, and a couple of hours later we pulled into Gare Du Nord starting our Paris adventure for the year.

We always pick different Hotels, I can recommend the La Villa Saint Germain des Pres in Saint Germain and the Les Tournelles in Les Marais.

Hubby would select different restaurants for us to test but we would always have one meal at Chez Janou, which funnily also featured in the series Modern Love, and lunch at Bar de la Croix Rouge (the avocado bread is so yummy) after visiting Smallable and Le Bon Marche.

What I so love is that it is always a weekend just about us. We would go with the flow and embrace the easy going French lifestyle. I am especially inspired by the French sense for fashion every year. The simple elegance, the relaxed laissez-fair look that they the women make look chic nonetheless. This year we won't go, unfortunately but responsibly, so I needed to get my fashion inspiration online:

Luckily the French brand Sezane had a lovely surprise for everyone in the Netherlands in stock this year. Their pop-up shop planned for Amsterdam had to be cancelled due to Covid-19 so they thought of this instead:

With the code BONJOURAMSTERDAM, deliveries are free of charge, and a lovely surprise will be slipped into the packages (this is valid for everybody living in the Netherlands). 10% of the sales generated with that code (from August 30th until September 20th) will be donated to the charity Day For Change, which works with students at all levels throughout the Netherlands. The budget will be used to provide teaching materials, guest classes and guidance to the students and their teachers in schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Amsterdam.

So naturally I ended up doing my fall shopping there this year. Maybe next year we can go go Paris again..

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